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Ronne, Denmark Cruise Port

The temperate cruise port of Rønne, Denmark is the largest town on the Danish Island of Bornholm, accessible to the mainland primarily by ferry. With a prime location on the Baltic Sea, Rønne has a history extending back to at least the year 1000, with influences from Germans and Swedes as well as from the Danish. Once a small fishing community, it gained status as a market town by the late 1200s, with herring especially contributing to the area's growth. Suffering destruction during World War II after Rønne was bombed by Germany, the town rebuilt with help from Swedish people (among others), and managed to retain much of its old world charm. Today, the ceramics industry is just as important, with tourism adding even more to the economy, and visitors coming from the mainland, Germany, Sweden, and Poland. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Rønne, Denmark:
  • One of the town's more interesting attractions is the castle from the middle ages called Hammershus. Billed as northern Europe's largest fortress ruin, it's not only a great place to explore history, but also to catch amazing views of the sea and forest below.
  • To see just how well the town rebuilt post-WWII, check out Gamle Stan (Old Town) with its cobblestone streets and cheerfully-painted houses. For shopping, scope out the area between Store Torv and Lille Torv, where market days make the streets come alive with locals selling vegetables, clothes, and jewelry.
  • With no fewer than 50 ceramics shops in town, little wonder there's a Ceramics Museum here. Experience the old methods used in making all types of clay and stoneware items, and take some home after perusing the gift shop.
  • About four miles north is Hasle Lystskov, a lovely white sand beach with a breathtaking sunset. Not a typical tourist beach, it's more for those looking for some solitude while they swim or sunbathe.

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