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Aarhus, Denmark Cruise Port

Cruising to Aarhus, Denmark will allow you to see the perfect balance of tradition and newer innovations in Denmark’s second largest city. The city was founded in 770 and boasts a traditional and relaxed feeling mixed with the city’s generally youthful population. This can be attributed to Aarhus University, the second oldest and second largest in the country. Some of the best museums can be found in Aarhus, Denmark, such as the Natural History, The Steno, ARoS Aarhus Art, The Women’s and the Moesgaard Museums, just to name a few. The Lake District contains all of 74 lakes surrounded by woodlands – so enjoy the natural side of Aarhus. Or, take in the village town where there are old cobblestone lanes, half-timbered buildings and beautiful beaches. The Frigate Jutland, a large battleship, can be found in the nearby harbor. Below we have listed a few of our favorite things to do while cruising to Aarhus, Denmark:

  • Tour a museum or two! After all, Aarhus is known for its many different museums, including The Natural History, The Steno, ARoS Aarhus Art, The Women’s and the Moesgaard Museums.
  • Visit The Church of Our Lady, which dates back to the Middle Ages, where you can find three churches and the old abbey court yard.
  • Explore the natural side of Aarhus; the city contains many parks and is surrounded by woods and beaches.
  • Sample some local cuisine featuring the freshly caught fish from the harbor, fresh vegetables, local delicacies and fresh produce – all mixed with the creativity of local gourmet chefs.

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