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Warnemunde, Germany Cruise Port

Located along the Baltic Sea, Warnemunde is a suburb of Rostock. It is an important port in Germany that started off as a fishing village and now offers resorts and regattas. The nearby city of Rostock has a strong medieval history and was even a member of the Hanseatic League. Here you can visit the medieval town and learn about medieval life in Germany. Though you probably won’t be in town long enough to take a class, the University of Rostock is the third oldest University in Germany and was founded in 1419. Featured below are a few of the best ways to spend your time in Warnemunde, Germany:

  • Take a tour of the Stadtmauer city walls and see the three remaining city gates. This was how a town in the medieval ages would protect itself.
  • Have a picnic on Warnemunde Beach, which is a perfect spot for flying kites as there is always a bit of a breeze blowing.
  • Gaze into the intricate face of the astronomical clock at St. Mary’s Church. This clock predicts the phases of the moon with amazing accuracy.
  • Key in on the maritime history of this corner of Germany at Rostock’s Shipbuilding and Shipping Museum.

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