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Bornholm, Denmark Cruise Port

This island within the blue Baltic Sea lies east of most of Denmark and south of Sweden. Made up of dramatic rock formations, forests, farmland, and sandy beaches, the cruise port of Bornholm, Denmark is rich in history and attracts plenty of visitors. As a testament to its age, Bornholm has 15 medieval churches, four of which contain unique artwork and architecture. And history buffs will also delight in the ancient site of Rispebjerg, with pieces of sun temples from the Neolithic era. Most of the island is made up of small country roads, and if your cruise line offers a guided tour around it, you’ll come across plenty of shops with local arts, crafts, and produce for sale. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences for the cruise port Bornholm, Denmark:
  • If interested in the island's religious past, you'll want to visit the St. Nicolas' Church, originally built in the 12th century and fully refurbished in 1918. While some of the church's artefacts are in the Bornholm Museum, many of the original items remain onsite, including The Mariaklokke (Mary's Bell) dating back to 1434 and a large chandelier made in Lübeck in 1620.
  • Visit the beach, covered in fine, white sand. Duoedde, at the southern tip of the island, has a long boardwalk leading out to the water through tall sand dunes. If it's not swimming weather, you can visit the Dueodde Lighthouse, which is the tallest on the island; it offers a lovely panoramic view of the area.
  • The castle Hammershus was erected in the 13th century and may have been built as a royal residence for Valdemar II of Denmark and provided a base for the Danish crusades. Visitors can expect a fantastic view of the sea and coastline, not to mention bragging rights that you've been in the largest medieval fortification in Northern Europe.
  • Science buffs will enjoy the NaturBornholm, a museum that supplies a geological and biological narrative of the island spanning back to its creation. There are fun interactive displays, which include a time machine, earthquakes, live crocodiles, electric cars and more.
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