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Riga, Latvia Cruise Port

When cruising to Riga, Latvia you will enter a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its rich heritage and historic background. This city was founded in 1201 as is known as the best kept secret of Northern Europe along the Daugava River. A delightful surprise that you will find on your cruise to Riga, Latvia is that opera, music and ballet are all around. Cultural offerings can also be seen in the many museums where art, sculptures, fire-fighting, and medicine history are on display. Riga is a rapidly developing city from what is used to be during Soviet times. Now, you will see many malls, large buildings and new cars all about the area bringing a modern sense to the town. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do when cruising to Riga, Latvia:
  • Visit Old Riga, a UNESCO World Heritage Site founded during the 1200’s offers a rich history on the Art Noveau culture.
  • Explore the Open-Air museum where you can learn about the traditions of the area and crafts like pottery and jewelry making.
  • View the Dome Cathedral, the beautiful cathedral that dominates the Old Town area and is best known for the massive organ inside.
  • Sample some of the wonderful local foods at a nearby café or restaurant to try something new.

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