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Isafjord, Iceland Cruise Port

The third busiest port in Iceland, cruising to Ísafjörður in the northwest is a heady mixture of nature and history. One of the first things you'll see as you get close are the majestic mountains that serve as a backdrop for this town of around 2,600 residents – which is actually the largest in the peninsula of Vestfirðir (also called the Westfjords). It's actually built on an eyri, or spit of sand; its location in the Westfjords keeps it cool year round. Ísafjörður also has midnight sun, which lasts from around mid-June until late June. Although fishing has always been the town's primary industry and it houses one of Iceland's largest fisheries, the decline in fish and fishing has been offset by the rise in tourism. There are a plethora of cultural events as well, along with some of our other favorite experiences for the cruise port of Isafjord, Iceland:
  • The magnificent Dynjandi or Fjallfoss is one of Iceland's most impressive waterfalls. Dynjandi means “thunderous,” for obvious reasons. It's a bit of a hike but you can go with a tour, and the view from the top is incredible.
  • Maritime history fans will want to visit the Westfjord Heritage Museum (also called the Ísafjörður Maritime Museum). Originally built in the 18th century, you'll find all types of fishing-related items – and a collection of accordions. The nearby Tar House offers refreshments after your visit.
  • If you suffer from claustrophobia, avoid the Vestfirdir Tunnel. For anyone who's never had the thrill of traveling right through a mountain by car, this is definitely an experience to remember. To add to the heart-pounding, the tunnel is only one lane wide in spots.
  • The area known as Isafjord old town is close to the port. Here you can take a walk through the historic (and narrow) and check out the 19th-century homes. The town’s Tourism Information Center also sells a history map to give you more information about the area's buildings; it's also a good place to grab a cup of coffee and peruse the local handicrafts before you begin to explore.
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