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Seydisfjordur, Iceland Cruise Port

Both the name of a town and a fjord, the cruise port of Seydisfjordur, Iceland can be found in the country's Eastern Region. Tucked into the fjord and surrounded by mountains on all sides, the town's history dates back to at least the second half of the 9th century. It became an official town in 1848, when Norwegian fishermen settled here; some of their wooden buildings still remain intact, built from Norwegian kits between 1895 and 1922. Although the town's population is around 700 residents, the rich history and culture of the area make for great tourism. One of the first things you may see as you sail closer to port are the waterfalls streaming down the volcanic cliffs – an excellent indication that this is also a place where nature lovers will be completely at home. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Seydisfjordur, Iceland:
  • The picturesque Bláa Kirkjan is one of the historic timber buildings in town; this photogenic blue church also features live music on Wednesday evenings during the summer months.
  • The mighty waterfall known as Gufufoss is near the fjord, and one of several area waterfalls (most of them don't have a name, however). As you're hiking to the top, you'll see all kinds of flora and fauna, including eider ducks and Iceland’s famous puffins.
  • The Skaftfell Center for Visual Arts is a great place to see the strides Seydisfjordur is making toward creating a thriving arts scene. While a meeting place for local artists and writers to get together, it's also features permanent and rotating exhibitions.
  • History and technology buffs will enjoy the Tækniminjasafn Austurlands, where you can learn about the town's telecommunications history (with some fishing thrown in). This technical museum is housed in two buildings, where you'll see exhibits that touch on innovations in areas such as mechanics, electricity, communications, commerce, and architecture.

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