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Surtsey, Iceland Cruise Port

Located amid the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago just off the southern coast of Iceland, Surtsey is a volcanic island and one of two UNESCO World Heritage sites in the entire country. This island became Iceland’s southernmost point in November 1963 when it was first formed after a volcanic eruption. The lava stopped forming the island in mid-1967 and now the surface is slightly greater than a square mile. While natural erosion is gradually diminishing the island’s size, its highest point is still over 500 feet above sea level. Surtsey is named after the Norse fire giant, Surtr, and is the only island that hasn’t fully eroded after the years-old eruption. The closet port and harbor is Heimaey, a large fishing port that can accompany vessels up to 500 feet in length. Excursions to the island are common, particularly during the summer when hundreds of puffins make their home there. Surtsey is also a popular stopping point for migrating birds.


  • For times when Surtsey isn’t reachable due to lack of expeditions, almost the entire island can be viewed from a lookout point off the coast of Vestmannaeyjar. Birders will especially enjoy this “bird’s-eye” view.
  • If you want to learn the entire storied history of how Surtsey came to be, science and all, visit the Eldheimar Museum. Many other exhibits also grace this building’s fine galleries.
  • Even more wildlife can be viewed on the island due to the consistent habitation of seals, often in large parties. And the presence of seals inevitably brings about majestic orcas, their primary natural predator.
  • Ever since the eruption, the volcano has been dormant. But still it stands in all its glory for travelers to gaze upon and take pictures of, if you so choose.

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