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Heimaey, Iceland Cruise Port

Heimaey, which literally translates to “Home Island”, is an island in the Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago located off the South Coast of Iceland. The island covers an approximate area of roughly 13 square kilometers and holds an estimated population of 4,500 people making it the largest island in the Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago. These statistics also make it the most populated and largest island off the coast of Iceland. The island is about 7.4 km off the South Coast of Iceland and is also the only populated region of the nearby archipelago. However, due to the limited size of the island, the airport, together with the Vestman Island Golf Course cover an immensely large area of the whole island. Featured below are some of the recommended activities and experiences that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Heimaey, Iceland:
  • Adventurers will be thrilled to pay a visit to Eldfell. It is a volcanic cone that has an elevation of about 200 m. It was formed in 1973 in a volcanic eruption in the Heimaey Island. Hiking tours on the active volcano are a thrilling way to enjoy this feature.
  • The 1973 volcanic eruption on the island was a huge incident in the region. This led to the establishment of the Eldheimar Museum, which translates to “World of Fire”, in 2014. The museum “takes visitors back” to the 1973 eruption with its informative display.
  • Nature lovers should take the time to visit the Saeheimar Aquarium because it plays host to several marine animals, birds, and a large number of preserved creatures. Visitors will get the chance to get up close to some of the animals, like the domesticated puffin.
  • A visit to Ribtours is an ideal option for thrill seekers and families alike. The tours are done on the high performance RIB boats. The boat tours cover the Icelandic waters and whale sightings are common which guarantees a rare experience.
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