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Trondheim, Norway Cruise Port

When cruising to Trondheim, Norway you will be able to learn about the area’s past just from looking at the beautiful architecture and historic buildings. The city was founded in the year 997 along the ice-free fjord and the Nidelva River by King Olav. The Nidaros Cathedral is where all Norwegian coronations take place and where all of the important crown jewels are stored. You’ll be able to pick up on the perfect mixture of ancient and modern architecture on your cruise to Trondheim, Norway. The rich history and heritage can be felt all over the city through its music, art, people and food. There is an interesting open air museum showing over 60 historical buildings to give a better glimpse into what life was like for the Norwegians through the centuries. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to see and do when cruising to Trondheim, Norway:
  • Explore an old mine to learn about the mining community and then ride along in a vintage train to see how they were transported about the area.
  • View the Nidaros Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in Northern Europe, seen towering over the entire city.
  • Discover the Kristiansten fortress, a landmark that can be best described as a white square-shaped building with gun slits in its walls.
  • Take an exciting ride along the fjord in an inflatable craft where you will see wildlife such as ducks, geese and birds.

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