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Bodo, Norway Cruise Port

Anyone who’s ever dreamed of visiting the Arctic Circle will find a certain thrill in cruising to Bodø, Norway. The largest urban area in Nordland county, the city's coat of arms was created in modern times and represents the midnight sun that's visible from early June to early July; even during the other months, there's no real polar night in Bodø. But even odder, wrap your head around this: Because of the mountains located south of Bodø, the sun is not even visible from early December to early January. It takes a hearty soul to live here, but visitors will find plenty of other activities to keep them busy. Start with cave adventures, try kayaking off one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines, then take in the local dishes to replenish your appetite. But don’t stop there; here are some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Bodø, Norway:
  • After cruising all day, why not explore the history of aviation? The Norsk Luftfartsmuseum is a fantastic place to wander, consisting of 10,000 square meters of exhibits and demonstrations. For a little heart-stopping action without going into the air, check out the flight simulator and try your hand at a fighter jet.
  • Those interested in religion and its history here can visit the Bodin Kirke, built around 1240 and not far from the downtown area. Although the original design of the stone church includes a host of baroque pieces, the Lutheran Reformation created stylistic changes, such as the addition of its charming domed tower.
  • Hikers and other outdoor buffs with several hours to spare will love to explore the countryside, and ascending Mount Keiservarden (named after Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany) gives a magnificent 360-degree view which includes the Lofoten Islands to the northwest.
  • Popular with anglers, Saltstraumen has the strongest tidal current in the world. Around for several thousand years, a strong current is created when the tide tries to fill the Skjerstadfjorden. The straight becomes navigable again when the current ebbs. Some cruises may offer sightseeing or fishing expeditions, or play it safe and check it out from the shore.
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