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Dundee, Scotland Cruise Port

Once a heavily industrialized city that contributed to the economic stability of Scotland, the cruise port of Dundee is currently known for its budding cultural, commercial and artistic elements with a promising 21st century advancement. This twenty-six square mile city is filled with impressive man-made attractions and an equally astounding scenic beauty. The port city of Dundee, Scotland is just over 800 years old but can boast of an array of museums, galleries, and cultural centers. There are numerous shopping centers with popular retail outlets and more culturally-driven souvenir and gift shops. Right outside the city are picturesque mountains, valleys and hills.
Here are a few of our favorite sites that come highly recommended in the cruise port of Dundee, Scotland:
  • Check out the Discovery Point Visitor Centre where the original artefacts from Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s Royal Research Ship Discovery are proudly displayed. Using audiovisual shows and computer-based multimedia, this museum walks visitors through the struggles and triumphs of the crew during their heroic voyage to Antarctica, where they discovered the Polar Plateau on which the South Pole is currently located.
  • For the best view of the port city of Dundee, Scotland, climb up Dundee Law, an extinct volcano with a 572-foot peak dating back over 400 million years. History has it that this distinctive landmark may have been used by Pictish settlers during the Iron Age and some unidentified settlers 3500 years ago. The breathtaking view extending almost 45 miles over the city is a must-see.
  • Catch some old classics and contemporary masterpieces in Dundee Repertory Theatre. This award-winning theatre stages at least six in-house productions yearly and hosts outside plays and musicals from outstanding production houses.
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