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Oban, Scotland Cruise Port

Known in Scottish Gaelic as “The Little Bay,” Oban is a small resort town in the northern United Kingdom with a population around 8,600. Because of its influx of visitors who wish to explore the Highlands of Scotland, Oban has always been known as the traveler’s rest and is the unofficial capital of the West Highlands. It’s located within Argyll and Bute, set among the shores and cliffs of craggy Scottish shores. The horseshoe-shaped bay is tucked away from the Atlantic Ocean, keeping the coast semi-protected from the harsher elements. Most cruise ships anchor away from the dock and have their passengers tendered ashore to keep the humble port clear and active. The Movern and Ardgour Mountains to the north add to the scenic horizon and the general allure. Oban attracts its often more than 10,000 annual visitors with magnificent gardens, an ocean promenade and many peaceful islands surrounding the coast.


  • Dunstaffnage Castle and Chapel is a great historical site once known as the stronghold of the King of Isles. This impressive stone structure is a fine example of 13th century architecture.
  • The Oban Distillery has been producing its own stock of whiskey since 1794. This steadfast business offers tours, memorabilia and a great selection of their whiskies.
  • For a stunning view of the town, visit McCaig’s Tower. While the uphill climb to get there is long, the outstanding view from the top makes the trip well worth it.
  • The Oban War and Peace Museum is a quaint, volunteer-run museum that documents the many wars and the prosperous times over the country’s long history. The staff is very helpful, and donations are always appreciated.

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