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Bronnoysund, Norway Cruise Port

Cruising to Bronnoysund,"the coastal town in the middle of Norway," affords a view of small islands on one side, while rolling farm country earmarks the other. One of the area's most striking features is Torghatten, a granite mountain known for its natural tunnel. You can actually wander through the tunnel; its sheer size will make you’ll understand why it’s the subject of mythology. Legend has it that a troll chased a beautiful girl; when he was rejected, he tried to shoot her with an arrow. The troll king tossed a hat into the arrow's path to save her, which turned into the mountain with a hole in the middle. With a solid economy and industries in hydroponics, agriculture, and tourism driving it forward, it's a modern city below the Arctic Circle with cheerful residents to greet you. Here are some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Bronnoysund, Norway:
  • Lovers of flora will enjoy the Hildurs Urterarium or Hilde's Herb Garden, where about 400 types of herb, 100 varieties of rose, and 1000 species of cactus can be found. There's also a small art gallery and locally grown products – and wine produced on-site.
  • Steinar Breiflabb is a sculpture created by the Swedish-French artist Erik Dietman. A 230 ft. long stone structure shaped like a fish, it's located in the strait outside the Brønnøysund town center.
  • Fans of neo-gothic architecture will want to check out the Brønnøy Church, a stone building in the center of town dating back to 1870; parts of the choir and entrance walls were actually built in medieval times. The oldest artefact on display is a pre-Reformation wooden crucifix.
  • To learn more about aquaculture and sea life, visit the Norwegian Aquaculture Center. This visitor and development center for modern fish farming in Norway was begun in 2008, and runs a demonstration fish farm that includes an automated feeding system, control room, underwater cameras, salmon cages, and a small aquarium.

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