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St. Malo, France Cruise Port

Located in the region of Brittany on the Channel coast, Saint Malo is a historic French port. Because of a long history of pirate attacks, a formidable wall was built around a central portion of the settlement which remains to this day. In fact, La Ville Intra-Muros, or “the walled city” portion of the coastal area, is a popular tourist area because people are actually permitted to climb the 20-foot thick walls and walk around a mile-long section. The city has a major railway station with high-speed service that travels directly to Paris along with other regional destinations. Saint Malo is the most visited site in Brittany because of its wide range of sights, including museums, national parks, intriguing architecture, and other unique attractions. While the area is bustling, particularly during cruise season, the city’s intimate cobblestone alleyways are often more reserved. Travel them to view quaint French cafes and fashion shops along with the nearby historic district.


  • Delve into French history and enjoy the views from Solidor Tower. While no longer a military station, this great tower is now a museum documenting the time when Breton soldiers explored Cape Horn.
  • Take a walk at low tide to observe Chateaubriand’s tomb on Petite Be Island. The burial site of this romantic writer is small, even intimate, and worth the stroll.
  • The Pointe de la Varde Natural Park is a vast area further from the water that is great for independent hikes and climbs as it offers stunning views and a pure natural atmosphere.
  • Also available for viewing after a low tide is the impressive Fort du Petit Be. Take the guided tour of this medieval stronghold or just take in its architectural beauty on your own.

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