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Honfleur, France Cruise Port

The pretty harbor of the cruise port of Honfleur, France is bordered by narrow granite town houses and a historic waterfront dating back to the 11th century. Situated on the edge of the Seine estuary opposite Le Havre, this lively town and bustling port boasts numerous art galleries and craft shops in the town center, colorful window boxes of tumbling flowers, narrow cobbled streets, charming square and impressive historical art. This medieval maritime town was a starting point for many great naval expeditions and has since left behind an enormous influence that can even be observed in the design of religious structures. The rich cultural experience to be gained from cruising to Honfleur is unparalleled.

Here are a few of our favorite things to do while on you cruise to Honfleur, France:

  • The simple charm of Saint Catherine’s Church is in the naval construction techniques used by shipbuilders during the 15th century. The oak ceiling resembling the hull of an overturned ship, and separate stone bell tower outside the building make up the astonishing view well sought-after. This atmospheric and peaceful haven is France’s largest timber-built church.
  • The treasure trove of Eugène Boudin Museum filled with Impressionist works from the 19th century is a must-see for all art enthusiasts. There’s enough light and space to appreciate each piece of Claude Monet or Johan Jongkind’s paintings, with much of the paintings focusing on local scenes in and around the Honfleur area.
  • Prepare to be enchanted by the picture-perfect, postcard-ready surroundings of the lovely historic town of The Old Dock (Le Vieux Bassin) of Honfleur. As one of the most romantic places in France, the power of attraction experienced when one wanders leisurely through the cobblestone streets, pops into galleries and antique shops and dines in one of the phenomenal seafood restaurants is not easily forgotten, leading to the influx of tourists year after year.

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