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Fredericia, Denmark Cruise Port

If you ever wanted to sail to a place described as a triangle without the Bermuda part, then cruising to the port of Fredericia, Denmark may be just the ticket. Located in the eastern part of the Jutland peninsula in an area known as Trekanten or The Triangle, a map of Fredericia’s shape shows how it got its nickname. Founded by Frederick III in 1650, this is the site of the Battle of Fredericia of 1849, part of the First Schleswig War. Danish fought against Germans, Denmark was victorious, and every July 6th there's a festival to celebrate the win. Today, Fredericia is home to the Royal Danish Army's Signals Regiment; fans of one of the world’s most popular toys will be delighted to know that Lego CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp was born here. Here are some of our favorite experiences while visiting the cruise port of Fredericia, Denmark:
  • To get a look at the ramparts and cannons that once defended the city, visit Fredericia Vold. With views of the water and the town, there's also a walking path with several fitness stations if you want to test your endurance.
  • Fredericia's major landmark is the statue called Landsoldaten ("The Brave Soldier"), unveiled on July 6, 1858. Landsoldat Square, which houses the statue, is the site of annual celebrations; residents place red and white flowers at the base as a memorial.
  • Originally a German church, Sct. Michaelis Kirke was taken over by Fredericia's residents in 1687. You can hear the small carillon chiming several times a day, and the real attraction is out back: the church's historic cemetery flanked by a beautiful garden.
  • For a break from history and to visit with the animals, visit Madsby Parken. Most of the attractions are geared more toward kids, but there's also a nice picnic area and a place to buy snacks and coffee when you need a rest.
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