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Amasra (Safranbolu), Turkey Cruise Port

A cruise in Amasra (Safranbolu), Turkey, is a charming and tranquil beach getaway. Nestled on the Black Sea coast, this small town boasts a rich history and breathtaking scenery. Visitors can indulge in the pleasures of sandy beaches, savor fresh seafood, admire colorful houses, and engage with friendly locals. Amasra, in close proximity to Safranbolu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, preserves traditional Ottoman architecture and culture, making these two locations true gems of Turkey that captivate with their charm and authenticity. Ideal for cruise enthusiasts looking to explore the Black Sea's beauty and Turkish culture, Amasra offers a range of attractions.
  • Amasra Castle: An impressive fortress dating back to the Roman, Byzantine, Genoese, and Ottoman periods, offering panoramic views and housing a museum with archaeological artifacts.
  • Rabbit Island: A small island near Amasra inhabited by rabbits and birds, accessible through boat tours, showcasing natural beauty.
  • Kemere Bridge: A 14th-century stone bridge linking Amasra to the mainland, built by the Genoese, featuring a unique arch design and offering a different perspective for capturing Amasra in photographs.
  • Safranbolu Old Town: The historical center of Safranbolu, located about 90 km from Amasra, serving as a well-preserved testament to Ottoman urban life with its wooden houses, mosques, bazaars, hammams, and caravanserais. Exploring its cobblestone streets feels like stepping back in time.
  • Büyük Liman Beach and Küçük Liman Beach: The main beaches in Amasra, providing relaxation, swimming, and sunbathing opportunities, complemented by nearby cafes and restaurants.  

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