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Horta, Azores, Portugal Cruise Port

Horta is a city and municipality in the western region of the Azores central group, also known as the Archipelago of Azores, on the island of Faial. The city covers an approximate area of 173.06 km2 and holds a population of about 14,994 people according to data gathered in 2011, with only 7,000 people of this total residing in Horta. This high island population makes Faial, the third most populous island of the Azores Archipelago. The city attributes its growth to the development of whale hunting in the eighteenth century that attracted the first whaling fleets to Horta; this made the city a valuable sea port by the 19th century. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences and activities that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Horta, Azores, Portugal:
  • Nature lovers will be glad to know that the city offers a large caldera in the middle of the island. The volcanic cone is 2 km wide and has a depth of 400 m. The feature is classified as being a nature reserve.
  • A visit to the marina of Horta is also recommended because it serves as the main recreational harbor of the Azores and is also one of the busiest and most famous marinas in the world. Yachts and international regattas can be seen as they continue their travels past this linking port.
  • Those interested in learning about the history of the island and Horta city, should take the time to visit the Fort of Santa Cruz of Horta. The fort was built near a landing quay of the city and quickly became the island's main fortification.
  • A visit to the Peter Cafe Sport is an ideal way of getting to enjoy interacting with people from all walks of life in the city. The cafe was opened in 1918 and is famous among sailors and sea folks.
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