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Trapani, Italy Cruise Port

Located on the western tip of the island of Sicily is the lovely cruise port of Trapani, Italy. Originally called Drepana or Drépanon from the Greek word for "sickle" because of its curved harbor, Trapani features a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegadian Islands. Inhabited since ancient times by the Elymian people, the city began as a fishing port; fishing is still an important part of Trapanis's economy, along with canning and the exportation of coral, salt, marble, and Marsala wine. Even though the city has roots in antiquity, the oldest attractions here date to medieval times; these include multiple buildings and monuments, such as the 14th century Church of Sant'Agostino and the remains of the 12th century Castello di Terra. While there’s plenty of culture to explore, beach-goers can also enjoy several coastal offerings. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Trapani, Italy:
  • While something called Museo del Sale (Salt Museum) might not sound exciting, this is an educational and fun venue that teaches visitors about the long-time Trapani tradition of salt production and refining. Check out the preserved equipment and exhibitions that show the process happened before modern technology.
  • Wine lovers will want to take the tour through Cantine Florio. Beginning with a video and continuing with one of the winery's informative and friendly guides, you'll get to see the cellars, learn about the area's Marsala wines, and get a tasting.
  • For archaeology buffs: Grotta Mangiapane (or Mangiapane Cave) is the largest of nine area Scurati Caves dating back to prehistoric times. Ancient artefacts were first unearthed in 1870, proving a human presence here at least 20,000 years ago. The village converted into a museum is a fascinating look at how the island's original residents lived.
  • One of the city's most famous sites is the 17th-century Torre di Ligny watchtower, which houses the Museo di Preistoria e del Mare. After exploring the archaeological section and sea section of the museum, step onto the roof for a fabulous panoramic view of the Gulf of Trapani.

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