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Roseau, Dominica Cruise Port

When cruising through the Caribbean Sea, you may come across the island port of Roseau, Dominica, set around the Roseau River. The largest city and capital of the island of Dominica (not the same as the Dominican Republic, which is more than 600 miles north), Roseau is also the oldest settlement here; originally populated by the Kalina people, the town is built on top of the ancient Kalinago Indian village of Sairi. Europeans– mostly French – arrived in the 16th and 17th centuries, and their influence is still felt in the town's architecture and roads. The later-arriving British also left their mark, both in street names and other architectural pieces. With the sea in one direction and mountains to the other, it’s not only a scenic port, but its tropical rainforest climate makes it ideal for outdoor activities.  Here some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Roseau, Dominica:


  • If you want to stick close to port, then a must-see is the French Quarter. Both historic and picturesque, here's where you'll find graceful wooden buildings, such as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Fair Haven of Roseau, along with bustling shops and restaurants.
  • Not far from the French Quarter is the small National Museum of Dominica. Housed in a cheerful orange structure, the museum highlights Dominica's history, as well as archeology, social history, culture, and geology. Exhibits are made of photos, furniture, crafts, and more.
  • Nature lovers should take in the Dominica Botanic Gardens, just east of downtown. With lovely landscaped fields and native Caribbean plants, it's a wonderful place to kick back and enjoy an hour or so in the shade. Take a hike uphill to visit a small shrine, and get a view of the town and sea.
  • Fewer than three miles south of Roseau is Champagne Beach, named as such because of the geothermic bubbles created underwater which tickle swimmers and snorkelers. There are plenty of groups in the area to give lessons and rent equipment, or you can just lie in the sand and enjoy the brilliant sunshine.

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