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Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands Cruise Port

Even though Christopher Columbus named the cruise port of Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands as such because he thought the island in profile looked like a "fat virgin," there's no mistaking the allure of this gorgeous Caribbean getaway. The second most populated of the BVI and the third largest in size, Virgin Gorda remains one of the less commercialized in the archipelago and is perfect for those who want sun, sand, and a less fanfare (although beaches can get a bit crowded during peak season). The main area for both tourists and residents is called Spanish Town, located in the southern part of the island. This is where you'll find most of the amenities, including picturesque hills and large granite boulders that provide a dramatic contrast to the shops and restaurants. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands:
  • The most famous of the beaches is called The Baths, thanks to those large boulders that create hidden caves and pools. Not far is another favorite, Devil's Bay Beach (which can be reached via a trail from The Baths). The crystal-clear Caribbean Sea also makes for a hugely popular snorkeling spot.
  • For some history, visit Little Fort National Park, where a Spanish fortress was once set on the hillside as protection. While most of the fortress is now ruins, there's also a wildlife sanctuary within the area where animal and plant lovers can spot unique species.
  • The top of Gorda Peak is the second highest in the BVI. Located on the largest part of Virgin Gorda, most of the climb is via roadway, with trails that can be made by anyone in average physical condition. Once at the top of the 1,350 foot peak, an observation tower offers views of the beaches, sea, and nearby islands.
  • Learn about commerce of the past at the Copper Mine, constructed in 1837. Cornish engineers created the means to mine the veins of copper, which are still visible; although mostly in ruins now, there’s still enough to explore to make it worth a visit.

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