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Scarborough, Tobago Cruise Port

Tucked inside Rockly Bay within the Atlantic Ocean is the cruise port of Scarborough, Tobago. Located on the southeastern part of the island, Scarborough is also the region's economic and cultural center (which includes the largest performing art theater in the Caribbean). The current harbor has only been around since 1991; before this, ships had to anchor offshore. Although Scarborough became the capital in 1769, the French referred to it as Port Louis while they ruled the island. Today, most cruise lines stop right here, where you can explore the city or catch tours to other parts of Tobago. Delights await you right outside the terminal, where you'll find local vendors selling homemade dessert items such as sugar cakes and benne balls; venture to the Milford Road Esplanade to find plenty of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Scarborough, Tobago:
  • A fantastic way to get around for sightseeing and snorkeling are through one of the many catamaran cruises offered in town. Keep an eye out for schools of flying fish as well as frolicking dolphins as you sail through the waters around the island (and take note of which beach you'll want to hit once you get back to land).
  • For a walk through nature among birdsong, make your way to the lovely Argyle Waterfall. At 175 feet high and Tobago's highest waterfall, there's a bit of a climb to reach the top, but well worth it; a dip in the pool below will cool you down perfectly.
  • Once used as a military prison, the Tobago Historical Museum in Fort King George is not only informative but provides beautiful views from its hillside location. Learn about the area's past through its collection of Amerindian relics, military artifacts, ancient pottery pieces, and more.
  • If you're looking for a stroll while being immersed by nature, visit the Scarborough Botanical Garden a bit up the hill from the museum. The 17 acres of plants and various trees provide a shady oasis in the hot sun.
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