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Harvest Caye, Belize Cruise Port

Harvest Caye is one of the islands located in the Placencia peninsula. The island is approximately 3 miles off the coast of Belize right by the Placencia Village. The island covers an approximate area of 75 acres and is currently regarded as a private island since the Belize government decided to sell it to a company called the Norwegian Cruise Lines for an undisclosed figure. The island is ideal for eco-tourism and boasts of having a diverse ecology that consists of swamps, rainforest, coral reefs, and jungles. The island's stunning landscape attracts those looking for solace and unique tropical adventures which is one of the reasons why it is a famous tourist destination. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences and activities that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Harvest Caye, Belize:
  • The Norwegian Cruise Lines offer a tour of the lagoons and mangrove estuaries that are found around the island. The tour is primarily a boat tour and it rewards visitors with the opportunity to soak in spectacular views and encounters with lagoon wildlife.
  • The island is also a great attraction for those interested in exploring the ocean through snorkeling and scuba diving. The region's clear waters make the activity more enjoyable and the coral reefs facilitate the diversity of marine wildlife to be seen.
  • Adventurers and history buffs should take the time to visit the ancient Mayan Temple of Nim Li Punit. The temple is regarded as being an important archaeological site that holds secrets of the ancient Mayan civilization. The remaining structures provide little insight into ancient Mayan life.
  • The Norwegian Cruise Lines also offers a tour of the rainforest in Harvest Caye through rainforest river tubing. This activity is recommended for the whole family as visitors will enjoy doing something unique while having fun in the rainforest waters. The tubing course passes an authentic Mayan village.


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