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Boca da Valeria, Brazil Cruise Port

A small village within the Amazon Basin, arriving at the picturesque cruise port of Boca da Valeria, Brazil tends to attract its just over 100 residents, along with their neighbors. With homes raised on stilts to avoid flooding from the Amazon during rainy season, this relatively remote area has been referred to as “the real Brazil.” When you get there, you’ll likely be flanked by colorfully-dressed children who will escort you around the area for the promise of a dollar. Even though the village doesn’t have five-star restaurants or overpriced gift shops, this is a charming stop and a great opportunity to take plenty of photos. The weather can be very hot and humid – it is the jungle, after all – so dress accordingly, and perhaps keep a small umbrella on-hand. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences while cruising to Boca da Valeria, Brazil:
  • Keep an eye out for the Amazon River dolphins, also called Boto or pink river dolphins. They inhabit this part of the Amazon; averaging about 8 feet and several hundred pounds, they missing the typical dorsal fin that’s associated with the bottlenose dolphin, so you’ll have to be on high alert to spot one.
  • The village church is visible from shore. Small and white, its interior is simple: plastic chairs in place of pews, with a colorful altar in front. The village’s lone school is next door – although instead of attending classes, its inhabitants will more likely offer to have their pictures taken with visitors for more dollar bills.
  • To see more of the Amazon, a local riverman is usually available for a boat tour. There you’ll see more of how the locals live. In between sightings of fishing and herding cattle, you’ll also get to see more of animal life, such as parrots, sloths, and monkeys.
  • For those looking to spend dollars on something other than photos and river tours, the locals have handcrafted items for sale. Some of their designs are the same as those from 1,000 years ago, and range from beads and jewelry to larger wood carvings and mahogany pictures.
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