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Port of Spain, Trinidad Cruise Port

Cruising through the Caribbean and to the Gulf of Paria, you'll find the busy Port of Spain, Trinidad on the island's northwest coast (and not far from Venezuela’s coast). With a city population of around 62,000 residents, it’s not only been the capital since 1757, but it's also a leading city in the Caribbean region. A busy shipping hub, important financial service center, and home to the biggest and most successful stock exchange in the Caribbean, Port of Spain started off a small fishing village. The Spanish arrived to intermingle with the Arawaks in the 16th century, and these indigenous people weren't exactly happy about the Spanish attempts to convert them to Christianity. After a British invasion in 1797, it passed back and forth between Britain and France. Trinidad and Tobago finally attained full independence in 1962. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Port of Spain, Trinidad:
  • Built in 1804 for defense and restored in the 1960s, Fort George is now a museum that overlooks the port. It's also a signal station for ships, so the view is remarkable. There are also some cannons and dungeons to explore.
  • Once a sugar cane plantation, Queen's Park Savannah is now a public recreation area where locals come to walk, play ball, and attend concerts. Tourists may also want to see the Magnificent Seven; early 20th century mansions in the process of being restored to former glory.
  • One of the most religious spots in Trinidad is the Dattatreya Temple and 85-foot-high Hanuman murthi (statue). The temple was built in the South Indian style of architecture and once you are done being wowed by the brilliant colors, you may just feel a bit of inner peace.
  • If you desire a beach, Maracas Bay is the closest to the city, around 14 miles north. The beach has clean, white sands and palm trees for shade. One of the most popular draws for food are the Bake & Shark stands (yes, there are fried shark sandwiches available which get rave reviews). The views on the way to the bay are also worth the drive.

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