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Paraty, Brazil Cruise Port

Within the state of Rio de Janeiro on the Costa Verde (Green Coast) is colonial cruise port of Paraty, Brazil, flanked by tropical rainforests, mountains, and the Atlantic Ocean. Founded in 1597 by the Portuguese, the land was already inhabited by the Guaianás people. They called the area Paraty, which means "river of fish" in the Tupi language and refers to the Brazilian mullet that spawn in nearby rivers. A gold rush in 1696 led to more developments in the town, and the growth of coffee in the 19th century created another economic boom. Tourism is an important industry today, thanks to its cobblestone streets and historic building, including the city's oldest church: the popular Capela de Santa Rita, completed in 1722. With parks and nature preserves (such as the Serra da Bocaina National Park) among its attractions, here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Paraty, Brazil:
  • The Historic Center of Paraty is the part of the city dating back to the 1820s. Here, are well-preserved buildings that reflect colonial influences. Cars are forbidden from its streets, making for a picturesque stroll where you can gaze at the architecture, do some shopping, and stop for a bite.
  • A visit to the island-dotted Paraty Bay is perfect for gazing at the ocean and watching for dolphins and turtles. There are plenty of tours here if you want to take a boat out, or venture with a guide into the nearby rainforest.
  • Brazil has plenty of beaches, and one of the best is Saco do Mamangua Beach. Not only are there the usual sandy stretches for swimming and snorkeling, but it contains the only tropical fjord on the Brazilian coast, which stretches to the Ilha Grande Bay.
  • History buffs will get a kick out of the Mini Estrada Real, which highlights the Old Gold Route and the key buildings along it. This miniature reproduction of the original "royal road" built to accommodate the area's gold rush is accompanied by a guided tour that gives you a comprehensive look at the buildings. The amazing artistry alone is worth a look.
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