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Parintins, Brazil Cruise Port

Located in the northwestern corner of Brazil is the state of Amazonas which contains – as you might guess – the Amazon River. The river cruise port of Parintins, Brazil lies in the eastern part of the state on Tupinambarana Island. A city of river nearly 110,000 residents, its history dates at least 200 years back, and its people keep their native heritage alive for tourists to enjoy. The city is popular for Boi-bumbá, an annual folklore festival that takes place in June. If you're lucky enough to be in the area during the festival, the people of Parintins delight in getting tourists involved in the festivities. The weather is fairly warm all year long, thanks to a tropical climate. Cruise ships are often greeted by colorfully costumed dancers, and from there, it's an easy walk into the city. Here are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Parintins, Brazil:
  • If you love dancing, visit the Bumbodromo, a venue typically used during the festival but also as an attraction for visitors. Some cruise ships offer a show here as part of their excursion. If you're in Brazil when no events are scheduled, you might still get to take a tour through the stadium.
  • The palm tree-flanked Catedral de Nossa Senhora do Carmo is one of the more modern buildings in the city. The church's outside displays a lovely elegance, while the inside has colorful stained glass windows and paintings of saints. The two cemeteries in the back are not to be missed.
  • Shoppers will have quite a few options to find souvenirs and other delights. As you disembark, you’ll see a flea market right on the pier. Here you’ll find everything from handcrafted masks to Amazonian paintings. The nearby floating market is also fun to explore. Take a walk into the city and the options are mostly geared toward locals buying everyday items.
  • Around five miles outside the city is Parananema Lake, a pretty getaway from the crowds. It's not a beach place, but you can swim and enjoy the peace and quiet that nature affords.
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