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Rijeka, Croatia Cruise Port

The cruise port of Rijeka, Croatia – and the country’s third-largest city – can be found by sailing through the Adriatic Sea until you reach Kvarner Bay. Because of its prime location, Rijeka was fought over for centuries (and changed hands) by nearby countries, including Hungary and Italy. The city has been around since at least Neolithic times, although the earliest modern settlements were Celtic in origin. A strong Roman influence helped shape the city, with the Ostrogoths, Byzantines, and other playing a role in development. In 1920, Rijeka was declared an independent state, then finally part of an independent Croatia in 1991. The city of around 129,000 residents is a perfect stop for anyone who enjoys a change of seasons: Hot in the summer for the beach-lovers, and a ski resort near the city for plenty of winter fun. Listed below some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Rijeka, Croatia:
  • Trsat Castle was built in the 13th century (possibly at the site where an ancient fortress once stood) and restored in 1824; you'll get excellent views of the Rjecina River valley and island of Krk from the ramparts. Check out the mausoleum and dungeon for a bit of intrigue.
  • The Peek & Poke Computer Museum lets learn the history of computers, and that of the games and toys that shaped many a childhood. In case you think there's not much to see in that regard, the museum houses over 1,000 exhibits of the world and Rijeka computer history.
  • Architecture fans should visit Gradski Toranj (City Tower), in eye-catching yellow with baroque decor. It originally functioned as a gate, leading from the waterfront to the center of the old town; it's one of the few buildings that survived an earthquake back in 1750.
  • An important pilgrimage site for Croatian Catholics, Our Lady of Trsat Sanctuary is the stuff of legend: It was a resting place for angels as they carried Mary's house from Nazareth to Italy. Not only can you see an icon of St. Mary, donated by the Pope in 1367, but also the art collection in the church’s treasury.

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