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Bar is a moderately populated coastal town surrounded by a wide variety of vegetation. As the primary seaport of the Bar Municipality, it also acts as its capital and center for tourism. With a tropical climate, primarily in the summer months, the area’s beaches and hiking spots are popular among visitors. From the shores, the deep blue sea and turquoise waters are refreshing to behold and pleasing to rest or stroll beside. Swimming and snorkeling are good ways to pass the time and underwater exploration can be quite a rewarding experience. Hikers enjoy the crystal clear rivers, waterfalls, dense forests and stunning mountain ranges as they forge paths through the wilderness. The Old Olive of Mirovica is one of the oldest known olive trees in Europe, and one of the oldest trees in the entire world. Since 1957 it has been under state protection and many legends surround the tree’s long and great history.


  • If you’re looking to learn about and experience the region’s past, a particularly interesting stop is at the ruins of Old Fortress, Stari Bar. The view is incredible, the tours are informative, and there are nice restaurants and bars nearby.
  • The Church of Saint John is a glorious and new Orthodox church with a gorgeous interior and impressive, modern architecture.
  • Strbina Beach is a tropical oasis surrounded by lovely vegetation, including a small forest of wonderfully lush trees. The water is warm, clear and great for a relaxing swim.
  • The Ratac Abbey is another set of ruins that retains its natural beauty while being a peaceful place to walk and meditate.

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