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St. George, Bermuda Cruise Port

St. George, Bermuda has a lot of history to explore. This city is widely considered to be the oldest continually inhabited English town in the “New World.” This former capital of the island has the island’s oldest buildings and lots of tiny streets with fun names, like Featherbed Alley and Old Maid’s Lane. The town prides itself on its old world charm and you’ll be able to walk around or even rent a scooter for a little bit of an adventure. Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for St. George, Bermuda:

  • Visit the Featherbed Alley Printery to see a Gutenberg-style printing press that was used to print editions of the Bermuda Gazette, which was published on the island from 1784 to 1816.
  • Take a tour of a replica of the Deliverance, the ship that was built on the island by the passengers of the shipwrecked Sea Venture, which wrecked onto the island bringing Bermuda’s first inhabitants. You can tour this small ship and learn about how Bermuda became a populated island.
  • Explore the underground of the Crystal Caves. These are amazing caves that were unexpectedly discovered by two boys playing cricket in 1905.
  • Spend a day at Tobacco Bay, a beach that offers amazing snorkeling. Sometimes you can even spot squid or octopi off the shores. This is a great beach for families.

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