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Alter do Chao, Brazil Cruise Port

Along the Rio Tapajos River, you will find Alter Do Chao, Brazil, a lush green area nestled between the Amazon rainforest. The river provides for a white sandy bank perfect for relaxing and taking in the scenery. Alter Do Chao is best known for its picturesque island, Ilha do Amor (island of love) found directly in front of the village. The local area village has great fresh seafood caught daily that pair perfectly with some island drinks that you can enjoy on your cruise to Alter Do Chao, Brazil. Two hills also surround the region where one of them resembles a church altar, which gives Alter Do Chao its name. This unique sandy river beach is also filled with interesting Amazon Indian artifacts displayed in one of the area’s largest buildings. Below, are a few of our favorite things to do while cruising to Alter Do Chao, Brazil:
  • Paddle board through the Lago Verde lagoon to see the myriad animals and surrounding rainforest plants.
  • Relax on one of the gorgeous white sandy river beaches that boast many great lunch spots.
  • Sample some of the area’s fresh seafood that is caught daily and served right along the beach.
  • Stroll along the markets to see the area’s Indian handicrafts and local produce.
  • Explore the Epaco Alter Do Chao, where there’s always something to be seen at this cool waterfront promenade boasting its local music and culture.

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