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Bequia, Grenadines Cruise Port

Bequia is a beautiful island which is part of the country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is one of the largest islands in the region. In ancient Arawak, the term Bequia means island of the clouds. The island due to its size is not able to support big industry. However, it still manages to offer basic needs. The lives of the island inhabitants has been dictated by its size. They acquire many commodities from abroad which means that the residents have to turn to varied ways and means to earn a living. Most of them look to the sea to earn income. They work as merchant fishermen and on various vessels as captains and crews. Some of them also work as lobster and fishermen divers. Some of the features that make cruising to Bequia port ideal are discussed below:
  • Bequia is a popular tourist destination. The inhabitants are hospitable and accommodating which makes it easy to interact with them. Many visitors have even gone to the extent of settling and building winter homes which has helped add to the ambience of the region.
  • The island has some of the best beaches in the world. The beaches are white and are all uncrowded and clean. Some of the beaches in the area that are worth visiting are the Princess Margaret Beach, Lower Bay, Hope Bay, Spring Bay, and Friendship Bay among others.
  • There are many water related activities that people can enjoy at Bequia. The waters offer visitors the opportunity to swim, sail, snorkel, dive and engage in a myriad of water sports. These are some of the aspects that attract tourists to the region.
  • The island has a long tradition of whaling. Limited whaling is allowed by the International Whaling Commission in Bequia. The natives are allowed to take part in whaling and can catch up to 4 humpback whales annually using traditional hunting methods.
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