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Soufriere, St. Lucia Cruise Port

Soufriere lies on the extreme southwestern coast of the island of St. Lucia, an island in the eastern Caribbean. As a port city with a population of around 8,000, its inhabits are keen on welcoming tourists looking to bask in the tropical climate. Founded by the French in the late 18th century, Soufriere was the original capital city before the more populated Castries took over after the British invaded. Because of a history of hurricanes, a great fire in 1955 and a massive earthquake in 1991, the city has been rebuilt numerous times. Thanks for all of the rebuilding, a lot of its early French and British influences aren’t apparent in the architecture or cityscape, in favor of a more modern and independent look and feel. Also, because the town is located in a caldera of a dormant volcano, the resulting geothermic reactions gift the terrain with various hot springs and sulphur baths.


  • The Tet Paul Nature Trail is an invigorating coastal forest perfect for adventurous hikers, or those looking to take a guided tour to admire the plethora of surreal sights.
  • The effervescent Sulphur Springs Park is a sight that draws people from all over the world to experience the black water baths and enjoy learning about the volcano’s history during a breezy tour through the park.
  • The lovely Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens fulfills the promise of its name. Not only are visitors treated to some of the island’s greatest flora, they also have the opportunity to gaze at a series of beautiful waterfalls.
  • The calming views and pristine bike paths at Anse Mamin is a stunning second act for this tract of land that was once a sugar plantation.

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