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Batumi, Georgia Cruise Port

Batumi is a seaside city that is located on the Black Sea Coast. It is the capital city of Adjara which is an autonomous republic in Georgia. Batumi has a population of roughly 154,100 people. It serves as a commercial center, and a busy and important port. Some of the industries that help boost the economy of the region are food processing, shipbuilding and light manufacturing. Tourism is one of the avenues that the city gets a large fraction of revenue from. The city is located in a subtropical zone that is rich in agriculture produce. Some of the produce that is produced in plenty at the region are tea and citrus fruit. The city exports agricultural products globally. The region has established itself as a good holiday destination and offers a lot of aspects highlighted below that make taking a cruise to Batumi port ideal:
  • Batumi is framed by subtropical flora. Cypresses, palm trees, magnolias, bamboo trees, oleanders, orange and lemon trees, laurels, thuyas, box trees and palm trees can be seen all around. The flora helps make the place beautiful and delight the eye.
  • One of the reasons to visit the area is because of the novelty architecture. Novelty architecture in the region includes the Sheraton Hotel, Piazza, Alphabet Tower and an upside-down White House and the Acropolis. The architecture is impeccable and adds value to the beauty of the region.
  • There are many sights and places that are worth visiting in the city. It has numerous interesting places that appeal to peoples different tastes. Some of the popular attractions in the area are the Aquarium, Adjara State Museum, Circus, and the Batumi Botanical Garden.
  • The city has inhabitants that belong to multiple religious affiliations which shows that the area accepts people of all religions. This is convenient for religious visitors. The city has Christians, Muslims, and Jews that inhabit and worship in the area.
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