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San Blas Islands, Panama Cruise Port

The San Blas Islands make up an archipelago, which comprises of about 365 islands and cays. Most of the islands have not been inhabited, but the bigger ones have been inhabited by the natives known as Kunas. The Kuna Indians are known to inhabit a fraction of the Comarca district, Guna Yala (Kuna Yala), which is found along Panama’s Caribbean Coast. Due to the pristine environs of San Blas, together with the areas that surround it, the region is regarded as a good place for eco-tourists. Another reason why the area is immensely popular is because of sailing. It is well known for not only its beauty, but also its lack of hurricanes. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to San Blas Islands, Panama:
  • San Blas Islands are a good destination for people that love and appreciate culture. The Kunas are the native people that live on the islands. People can learn more about them by visiting the Kuna Yala, which is the region they reside in.
  • The San Blas Islands thrive in culture and ethnicity. A traveler to the region can get the chance to eat something new and different with a wide variety of options to choose from. Visitors should not fail to enjoy the traditional Kuna food, which adds to the experience.
  • The San Blas Islands are an ideal vacation destination in Panama. The islands are not over-crowded because the region has not been fully discovered by the tourism industry, which is conducive for people who want to tour a place that has few individuals.
  • Visiting the islands is recommended for people searching for untouched culture and nature. It has been kept beautiful and healthy by the Kunas, and visitors can sleep in accommodations that are eco-friendly and made by the native population.

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