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Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica Cruise Port

Puerto Jimenez is located on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. Encompassing the southwestern side of the country, the landmass resides with the Puntarenas Province. The peninsula was formed over a long fault line that stretches all the way north into California. Because of the Puntarenas Prinince’s size, it is home to at least half the living species in all of Costa Rica. The town is laid out upon the Golfo Dulce, which leads into the Pacific Ocean and isn’t very far from Corcovado National Park. The large park is part of the Osa Preservation Area, covering 164 square miles. Also protected is the nearby Golfo Dulce Forest Preserve, which has in residence trogon birds, toucans and scarlet macaws. The national park brings in many tourists every year. These travelers are treated to several bars, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as supermarkets, retail stores, an art gallery and a few little shops.


  • Rancho Raices de Osa is a lovely, locally-owned farm that deals in homemade chocolate and cultural tales. The fruit trees and animal farm are also pleasant places to visit.
  • For a stunning array of multiple bird species, as well as some other native species, check out the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary. The habitat is designed after a rainforest and it does everything in its power to create a home-like atmosphere for the creatures.
  • Finca Morpho is a small but active farming community. This conscious space is great for learning about permaculture and other methods for keeping the landscape green and healthy.
  • Playa Preciosa is a quiet, peaceful beach that remains secluded for most of the year. You might spot a few people walking along the sands, but otherwise it’s wide open for the taking.

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