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Anses D'arlet, Martinique Cruise Port

Les Anses D’arlet is a quaint little town and commune on the beautiful French-owned island of Martinique. Located in the western Caribbean Sea, the island is located in a spot where the weather is perpetually warm. Because of its “eternal summer,” the island has much vegetation alongside lavish rainforests and delightful mangrove forests. There are numerous species of trees, fruits, flowers, and other plants that grow in abundance on the island, perfect for bountiful export. Anole lizards and fer-de-lance snakes are native to the island, while mongooses—purposely introduced in the 1800s—are there to control the reptile population. The town covers an area around 10 square miles and has a permanent population of around 4,000 people. The island’s chapels remain from long ago when Jesuits controlled the island and are used by tourists and visiting missionaries. Their cuisine is a mixture of African, French, and Indian influences.


  • The Anse Dufour is a pristine beach with golden sands and crystal clear waters that is perfect for snorkeling in order to observe the native fish and turtles.
  • Anse Noire is one of the island’s few black sand beaches. While not as beautiful as some, this beach is far less crowded and great for those looking for a quiet getaway and still offers exceptional swimming and snorkeling.
  • St. Henry’s Catholic Church is a beautifully designed structure in the heart of town. Tourists especially like to take photographs of the exterior before exploring the insides more thoroughly.
  • A very solemn monument, the Memorial de l’Anse Caffard is comprised of rows of large, carved statues depicted the lives that perished many years ago when a slaving ship crashed onto shore.

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