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Falmouth Harbour, Antigua Cruise Port

When you imagine a tropical vacation, cruising to Falmouth Harbour, Antigua turns dreams into reality. Shaped like a horseshoe, Falmouth Harbour is located on the far south side of Antigua. A West Indies island whose attributes include beaches, lagoons, and reefs, Antigua is low in humidity and has one of the temperate climates on earth. Falmouth is a small town which is close to the northern shore of Falmouth Harbour, while the English Harbour is near its eastern shore. The culture is a mix of British and West African influences, with American pop culture playing a role. One thing that remains quintessentially non-American: the national sport of cricket. Many dishes are heavy on the corn and potatoes; one of the most popular dishes here, called Dukuna, features steamed dumpling made from sweet potatoes, flour, and spices. Here are some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Falmouth Harbour, Antigua:
  • If you've spent your cruise wishing you could take the wheel, then Ondeck Sailing will make your heart beat faster. With a well-trained crew helping visitors of any skill level learn the ropes of sailing, you can participate in sailing events such as the Antigua Yacht Race Experience or just enjoy the ride.
  • The best beach in the area is Pigeon Point. With the lovely white sands and blue waters that are typical of an island paradise, it's in a calm cove ideal for both swimming and snorkeling. It has plenty of amenities, such as snacks, chairs, umbrellas, and a beach bar.
  • Near the beach is Nelson's Dockyard, which combines history and excellent views of the harbor. Named after Admiral Horatio Nelson, this is the only continuously running Georgian Dockyard in the world; it also includes cultural exhibits such as model ships, tools, and some of Nelson's personal items. Sailing and yachting events also take place here, including Antigua Sailing Week.
  • Coffee fans will love the adorably named Carib Bean Coffee Company, the island's only full service commercial coffee roaster; here you’ll get a free tour of the coffee roasting process and stock up on fresh beans.
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