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San Jose, Costa Rica Cruise Port

Located in the heart of Costa Rica, San Jose is an extremely diverse capital city. Over the course of history, this city has been of high importance, rising to be the capital of Costa Rica three different times! Since San Jose is essentially the heart of Costa Rica, there is truly no better place to experience museums, art, and cuisine. Theaters of San Jose drive most tourist activity here, not only because of their stunning architectural design, but also their musical, artistic, and cultural treats. Shopaholics love the upscale Santana Row for its beautifully displayed market area and variety of stores. If it’s any indication of how much San Jose means to Costa Rica, the nation’s museums of jade and gold are located here! Believe it or not, Costa Rican food is usually on the milder side, centered around the natural flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables. You will never underestimate the power of black beans in a dish after visiting San Jose! Thankfully, the weather in this city is reliably good, so take some time to experience the rich nature that Costa Ricans are so very proud of.

  • The name “San Jose” translates to Saint Joseph, meant to honor Joseph of Nazareth. Appreciate the roots of this city by visiting the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph which is known for its stunning stained glass windows and architectural history!
  • When in this port, one must take a trip to the finest historic building in the capital, the National theater of Costa Rica. Several times a week, Costa Rican and foreign compositions are brought to life by the National Symphonic Orchestra.
  • If you want to experience true Costa Rican culture, find the place where food and performance come together—Restaurante Tiquicia! Located in the hills of Escazu, Restaurante Tiquicia offers breathtaking views of San Jose and the surrounding mountains!
  • One of the oldest and most culturally encompassing places in this city is the San Jose Central Market. Every Monday through Saturday, you can taste real traditional food, mingle with locals, and find unique souvenirs!

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