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Crotone Cruise Port

An ancient city overlooking the Ionian Sea, the cruise port of Crotone, Italy was founded as early as 710 B.C. In 1992, the city was made the capital of the newly established Province of Crotone. Legend has it the name came from Hercules wanting to honor his friend Crotone – who ended up causing Crotone's death instead. Hercules then built the city as a memorial. Mythology aside, its Mediterranean climate makes for pleasant weather all year long, coupled with a skyline punctuated by castles. Known for its wines, the town center is surrounded by vineyards, orange groves, and olive groves. Finding a beach is easy, since the city overlooks the sea; as a bonus, the coastline has been a protected marine preserve since 1991, so the flora and fauna here remain untouched. If you love history intermingled with natural beauty, you’ll enjoy some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Crotone, Italy:
  • As a reminder of the city's Greek roots, the Da Capo Colonna a Le Castella is a column from a temple dedicated to Hera Lacinia. Despite not having many ruins to explore, the site has a magnificent view of the sea.
  • For an even better immersion into the past, the Museo Archeologico Nazionale Di Crotone displays not only pieces as far back as the Neolithic period, but artifacts that showcase (among many other things) the area's Greek influence, Roman remains, and documents of other local shrines.
  • Religious and art historians will want to check out the Cathedral. Possibly originating in the 9th century, it's been rebuilt; while it has a neo-classical façade, the interior has Baroque decor. Two pieces of note are the Madonna di Capo Colonna painting and a baptismal font from the 12th century.
  • There’s plenty of shopping Crotone, most of it is located along Via Vittorio Veneto, the beginning of the city's main square. Not only can you find clothing and jewelry, but also Magna Graecian and Byzantine-inspired gold and silver creations, miniature stone reproductions of the temple, and excellent food and drink. Keep an eye out for Cirò wine and chocolate covered dried figs.

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