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Cherbourg, France Cruise Port

Cherbourg, France sits in the north of the country along the coast of the Atlantic. This position has made it an important port for centuries, first developed as a port by the Vikings in the 9th century. There have been several battles fought here, but probably none as odd as a U.S. Civil War battle where the USS Kearsarge sank the Confederate CSS Alabama, which was raiding merchant ships along the coast. Cherbourg is also considered the entryway to Normandy. Listed below are a few of the best ways to spend your time in Cherbourg, France:

  • Explore the Cite de la Mer. This is an aquarium that was once a railway terminal. Here you can also explore a French Army submarine and an oceanographic center.
  • Learn about the Battle of Normandy, a major victory for the Allied forces during WWII. Many people know this battle as D-Day, and the Battle of Cherbourg came just weeks later.
  • Visit the Musee des Beaux-Arts Thomas-Henry, an art museum with an impressive collection. It was here that famed painter Jean-Francois Millet came and copied paintings, improving his skills.
  • For a taste of the tropics, visit Emmanuel Liais Park for its greenhouses created by this French astronomer who planted trees from South America, Australia and China.

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