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Azores Islands, Portugal Cruise Port

The Azores is one of the autonomous regions of Portugal and it is made up of nine volcanic islands. The industries that flourish in the area are dairy farming, livestock ranching agriculture and tourism. On an annual basis, a horde of tourists take a cruise to the Azores to observe the islands and marvel at the beautiful scenery and rare features at the region. The climate of the area is mild due to the passing Gulf Stream, and its proximity to continents. As a result of the maritime influence, temperatures do not become either cold or hot. The islands were uninhabited at one time. However, as people settled at the region sporadically, the dialect, culture, cuisine and traditions became widespread. Below are some of the places worth visiting and things do at the region that make cruising to Azores Islands port a good idea:
  • Sao Miguel Island is the largest of the Islands. It has almost 50,000 inhabitants and its capital, Ponta Delgada, is filled with interesting things to do such as sporting activities. It has sites for racket sports, and water sports such as swimming and kayaking.
  • Angra do Heroismo, which is the center of Terceira Island, was classified in the International Heritage List of UNESCO. There are many points of interests at the area such as the forts of Sao Joao Baptista and Sao Sebastia, and Vila Nova that are worth visiting.
  • A visitor to the island can enjoy some of the local cuisines at an affordable price which is convenient. There are multiple restaurants such as Reserva Bar and Rotas da Ilha Verde that cater to the varied tastes and preferences of people when it comes to dishes.
  • There are many fun things to do at the Azores Islands. The region especially at Ponta Delgada is active even during the night and the music scene is spectacular. In addition, the Azores hosts magnificent festivals such as the Holy Ghost and Sao Miguel festival.
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