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La Palma, Spain Cruise Port

Walking down the winding cobbled streets of the cruise port of La Palma, Spain is an open door to an incredible landscape filled with lush green vegetation, colorful ancient buildings, dominating natural beauty and a star-gazing haven. You can go from browsing offbeat craft shops, sampling grilled meat or fresh fish served with a spicy sauce called mojo, and capturing Spanish colonial houses with elaborate balconies to marveling at the wonderful panorama of this volcanic island that has long been declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. The cruise port of La Palma, Spain is considered the most beautiful of the seven Canary Islands for a reason. Find out for yourself under the star-filled night skies and black-sand beaches of La Palma, Spain. With so much to see and so little time, check out a few of our favorite sightseeing tours:
  • Once believed to be a huge crater, Caldera de Taburiente is now home to rare animal and plant life and considered the heart of La Palma. Extending across 46.9 square kilometers, it was designated as a national park in 1954 with its most attractive feature being a rugged landscape crisscrossed by numerous streams and waterfalls.
  • Take a stroll down the quaint and charming streets of the cruise port of La Palma for a sensory delight with masses of flowers and colorful antique balconies. Stop by one of the numerous shops and cafes to mingle with locals and get a taste of the island life.
  • For an expression of the diversity of the island, head over to Roque de Los Muchachos and experience breathtaking views above the clouds in this astronomical observatory. Situated 2,396 meters above sea level, this attraction is home to one of the largest reflective telescopes in the world.

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