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Bahamas Cruises

Relax, unwind and delight your senses with a Bahamas cruise getaway. Tropical paradise awaits you in the Bahamas: white sand beaches, clear, cool waters and swaying palms.

Imagine kicking back with a tropical fruit while working on a serious tan, or snorkeling with the ocean life in the marvelous waters of the Bahamas. If you’re in an active mood, hit the volleyball court with friends or enjoy a biking adventure through Freeport! Sun, smoothies and sand are in your future when you choose a cruise to the Bahamas.


Things to Do on a Cruise to Bahamas


The Bahamas with their beautiful blue waters and friendly people is the perfect tropical getaway to cure the pains and stresses of a busy life. Located less than 200 miles from Florida, the serenity of the Bahamas is always within reach. Continue below for sample experiences to help you make the most of your cruise to the Bahamas:



Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas
  • Visit the Atlantis Resort and Casino for a day of fun sliding down waterslides and checking out a fascinating aquarium. At night the casino is a buzz as is the resorts restaurants and nightclubs.
  • Head to the Fish Fry, a strip of restaurants in Nassau that make delicious local cuisine featuring the island’s most famous ingredient, conch. Try a conch fritter or a conch salad.


Bahamas National Gardens
  • Explore nearly 40 acres of beautiful nature trails along with two underwater caves at the Lucayan National Park off of Grand Bahama Island.
  • Feel the serenity at the beautiful and calm Versailles Gardens which contain several statues to such historical figures as Napoleon and FDR. On this spot is the remains of a stone monastery built in the 13th century that was transported from France by William Randolph Hearst.
Woman kissing a dolphin
  • Various sites throughout the island offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience, where you can get nose-to-nose with a dolphin.
  • Check out the handmade crafts and pick up a few souvenirs at Nassau’s famous Straw Market. Here you can make your own price as bartering is the norm.


Map of the Bahamas:

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Bahamas: Departure Ports

It’s only 184 miles between Miami and Nassau, but it seems like a world away. The beautiful blue waters, pink and white sands and island life beckon you. Cruises to the Bahamas are offered year round. Cruise lines have also made a trip to the Bahamas easy for most Americans living on the East Coast, as there are departure ports all over from Baltimore to New York, Charleston and even New Orleans. Plenty of ports in Florida (Miami, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale) offer short cruises to the Bahamas as well, when you need that quick getaway. 

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