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Bimini, Bahamas Cruise Port

Bimini is a district located in the westernmost part of the Bahamas. The district is made up of a chain of islands that are located approximately 81 kilometers to the East of Miami. Bimini in the whole Bahamas is the closest point to the United States mainland, and stands at a distance of approximately 209 kilometers to the Northwestern direction of the city of Nassau. The district covers an approximate area of 23 square kilometers and the region's population stands at 2,008 people according to the estimates gathered in the country's 2010 census. Bimini is an ideal tourist destination, due to several aspects that visitors can enjoy. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences and activities that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Bimini, Bahamas:
  • Visitors interested in the island's therapeutic positive factors should pay a visit to the Treasure Cay Beach. The sands of this beach are referred to as being sugar-soft, therapeutic, and powdery. The sand matches the blue waters of the United States of America.
  • Nature lovers and adventurers will fall in love with the Bimini Nature Trail. The trail offers the opportunity to explore the island while catching a look at some of its endemic plants and animals, while in their natural environment. An example of one of these animals is the Bimini Boa.
  • Visitors should pay a visit to what is known as the Healing Hole on Bimini Island, which is a natural fresh water spring that pumps out sulfur and lithium from one of the salt water swamps in the Bonefish Creek mangroves.
  • The island's beauty is best captured and enjoyed from a unique perspective on a sea-kayak a fair distance into the region's waters. Most hotels and resorts provide these sea-kayaks, which is one of the highly recommended activities for visitors on the island.
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