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Olden, Norway Cruise Port

By the mid-19th century, European travelers were sailing the waters of the traditional district of Norway to see the rugged beauty of Olden, Norway on the southern edge of Nordfjord. Olden has plenty of dramatic landscape and some of Norway’s most stunning natural wonders. The Briskdal Glacier, an extension of one of the biggest glaciers in Europe is a majestic sight that will keep you in complete awe of nature. The giant cascading waterfalls, incredible mountains and lakes are the trademarks of the amazing attractions expected to be seen in the cruise port of Olden, Norway.
Book one or more of these shore excursions on your cruise to Olden, Norway:
  • One of the most visually stunning hikes one can take would be on the remarkable Briksdalsbreen glacier. This photogenic attraction is a must-see in the cruise port of Olden, Norway, as it represents everything breathtaking, grandeur and simply surreal. Walk through the trails to explore more of the surrounding areas and get close enough to the glacier to feel its splendid aura.
  • The Old Olden Church in this quaint cruise port is a little wooden church built in an unusual cruciform shape with eccentric features like the reindeer antlers that mark the ends of its pews. It is a very peaceful place to sit back and reflect.

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