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Haugesund, Norway Cruise Port

Haugesund is a town located in Haugesund municipality in Rogaland County, Norway. The town is in the Northern area of Rogaland County and serves as Haugaland region's main population center. It holds a mix of urban, and fairly rural settlements to the Northwest that sum up to a total population of 36,538 people according to estimates gathered by the Norwegian government in 2015. The town covers an approximate area of 72.68 km2, 4.32 km2 of this being covered in water due to the town being situated on a sound, the Karmsundet, where ships are able to pass without traversing the heavy seas. Historically, the town grew as an important fishing spot for herring to the point of acquiring town privileges in 1855. Listed below are some of the recommended activities and experiences that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Haugesund, Norway:
  • Fans of history and culture are well catered for in this town. A visit to the Nordvegen History Center will provide the perfect opportunity to “experience Norway's birthplace”. Visitors will learn about Norway's history and also about the sovereigns that ruled the region.
  • The town also offers access to the Rallarvegen, which is an 80 km service road, which is regarded as being a popular cycle track. Visitors interested in cycling will enjoy this unique track that passes close to some prime urban tourist spots.
  • Nature lovers and beach fanatics should take the time to go and enjoy a hike in the Karmoy beaches. The available natural trail leads visitors on a hike that rewards with beautiful views of the white sandy beaches, and historical monuments located further South.
  • For a more family fun-filled experience, visitors should go to the Hoyt and Lavt Climbing Park, which roughly translates to “high and low”. It boasts of having 5 trails and 80 apparatuses graded according to age groups and difficulty level that provide a unique Norwegian experience.
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