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Cornwall, England Cruise Port

For plenty of history surrounded by multiple waterways, the cruise port of Cornwall, England is the place to be – and there's plenty else to experience. From the wild moors to its lovely villages, Cornwall combines old British charm with modern sensibilities. The entirety of Cornwall is contained within a peninsula in the southwest, with the Celtic Sea to the north and west and the English Channel to the south. The area was settled as far back as the Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods; the economy began to boom in the Middle Ages when copper and tin production began. Today, Cornwall retains a distinct culture from the rest of England, and its coastline is protected as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty by the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act. With the mildest, sunniest climate in the United Kingdom, here are a handful of our favorite experiences while cruising to Cornwall, England:
  • A must-see is Tintagel Castle, famous as the supposed birthplace of King Arthur; regardless of what's based in myth and what was built by Richard, Earl of Cornwall, the castle is straight out of a storybook, thanks to its black granite cliffs and roaring surf, not to mention a quaint wooden bridge connecting it to the mainland.
  • Aspiring botanists will enjoy the Eden Project, which is made up of two biomes containing thousands of plants collected from diverse climates and environments. The project also includes the Core, which includes a space for art exhibitions.
  • At the westernmost part of Cornwall, you'll find Land's End, a holiday complex that includes natural beauty intermingled with plenty of shopping and dining. Not only will you find sights such as the Longships Lighthouse, but you'll be repeating history, as 19th-century travelers also walked or rode these paths on horseback.
  • Thanks to the seemingly endless coastline, it's easy to find plenty of beaches for both swimming and surfing; among the best are Watergate Bay, Porthcurno, Porthmins, and Kynance Cove.
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