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Skjolden, Norway Cruise Port

Skjolden is a village that is situated in Norway. The village is quiet and is surrounded by not only mountains, but also waterfalls. The fact that it is quiet makes it an ideal holiday destination for visitors that prefer cruising to destinations that are less noisy. The region is famous for multiple aspects, such as its waterfalls, national treasures, and varied other natural elements. The scenery is also breath taking, which is a huge advantage. The area is a good place to tour and explore which also presents the opportunity to discover a wide array of things about the region. Listed below are some of the recommended attractions, and activities that visitors will definitely enjoy after cruising to Skjolden, Norway:
  • People that want to enjoy the view of the region should definitely make their way to Sognefjell Mountain Road. It has been marked as a national tourist route due to the magnificent scenery and views that visitors can enjoy along the way.
  • Visiting Jotunheimen National Park is highly recommended for outdoor enthusiasts. It features the highest mountains that are found in Northern Europe, and has waterfalls, lakes, and glaciers that are worth exploring. The park is interesting to visit due to the multitude of activities that one can enjoy and the experience.
  • The area is a good destination for history lovers. One of the significant attractions in the region is the Urnes Stave Church which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is the oldest of the stave churches in Norway, which is located fairly close to Skjolden.
  • Skjolden is a good place for photographers. The village due to its beauty and magnificent scenery is a good place for people to go for excursions on foot. While walking, a photographer can capture good photos of the surrounding mountains and the Lusterfjord.

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